VIDEO: Shock as woman is brutally STRIPED and RAPED by public in Kenya

24th November 2014   |  krazyinsidekenya

The shocking video below is of a woman who is a woman being beaten, stripped and raped by a gang of men after she rejected advances of one of them. WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES READ MORE

PHOTO OF THE DAY: This Photo Of The Little Ugandan Girl Who Was Beaten By Her Maid Will Break Your Heart

24th November 2014   |  Mpasho News

Child abuse is something only scum would condone. There is never an excuse. And while I understand that in the African context this is a bit of a grey area -where does disciplining a child stop and child abuse begin? That said, you know when you have gone overboard. But this particular case was never justified. When a househelp who goes by the name... READ MORE

WARNING GRAPHIC: Str!pp!ng Shame Turned into R@pe, Two Women in Nairobi Str!pped and Fingered by Shameless Men (UNCUT)

25th November 2014   |  Africa Celebrity News

It all started at an Embassava Bus Stop and soon after blew up into a thing that the so called 'morally upright' men in Kenya were doing to fight against women who were dressing inappropriately or against their backward cultures. Seriously?! Now women are not just being stripped but defiled and moll3st3d as well. These hooligans who are going round... READ MORE

Two ‘Frauds’ Recently Featured on Kenyan Media (Nation and K24) as Self-Made Millionaires

24th November 2014   |  Kahawa Tungu

Deborah Mbula Maingi has featured on many publications. She has crafted the art of buying journalists to tell her unbelievable story on almost every possible publication. So she recently found time to talk to Kinuthia Mburu of Nation and tell her story of grass to grace. She presented the image of self made millionaire. In the real sense, her targe... READ MORE

Mzungu Accused Of Killing A 22 Year Old University Student In Cold Blood

24th November 2014   |  Mpasho News

Carl Cary Singleton a British national is led to the Miimani law court court cells.He is accused of killing a 22year old Peris Ashley Agumbi a fourth year student at Lower kabete Campus on the 19th November this year(2014). He was remanded at Gigiri Police station for seven days for the Police to complete their investigation. Check out the photos  ... READ MORE

This Has To Be The Most Violent Video Of Depravity Of A Woman Being Stripped! (VIDEO)

25th November 2014   |  Mpasho News

I just can’t. All the videos surfacing of the current trend of stripping women are all depraved but I must say that this one takes the cake. First because of the actors in the scenario and second because of the sheer disregard for human decency. The man, the nefarious spawn of Hades prominently featured in the video is seen trying repeatedly, to in... READ MORE


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