Upcoming Kalenjin socialite CHELAH YEGON runs amok, posts ‘steamy’ video

27th July 2016   |  Kenya Today

An upcoming Kalenjin ‘socialite’ has taken social media by storm after promising to upload things forbidden and keeping good her promise. Known as Chelah Yegon; the lady who apparently shot the video in Johannesburg, South Africa, had earlier on twitter posted ‘sexy nudes’ and ‘nasty videos’. Interestingly, on twitter, she followed some 25 prominen... READ MORE

Meet The Lass Everyone Is Talking About And Watch Her Wild Sextape. Ya DJ Creme Ilikuwa Kionjo!

26th July 2016   |  Mpasho News

Today morning I woke up to find a lass called Chela Yegon trending on Kenyan twitter and I was interested to find out why -that’s just how an inquisitive mind works I guess. And I was not disappointed to see exactly why she was trending. I think I have fallen in-love. The lass is into BDSM and trust me when I say her sextape is just what the doctor... READ MORE

PHOTOS:Meet Koffi Olomide’s Daughter-Most influential young fashionistas in Paris

26th July 2016   |  Diaspora Messenger News Media

Embattled legendary musician Koffi Olomide has had arguably one of the most difficult weeks of his life. Following his deportation from Kenya for the assault of a dancer at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the ‘Ekotite’ singer was then arrested at his home in Kinshasa and locked up for a year. But all his troubles aside, […] READ MORE

Dear Women, Here Is The Naked Truth About The SHAPE Of Your Vagina

28th July 2016   |  Mpasho News

We often hear how a man’s anatomy is to credit – or blame – for a partner’s level of sexual pleasure. But new research suggests that a woman’s own genital configuration will ultimately determine her ability to orgasm during penetrative sex. The study, conducted by Leslie Hoffman at Indiana University’s department of anatomy, says the clitoris’ clos... READ MORE

Disturbing video of a Kenyan woman beating a man goes viral

27th July 2016   |  Diaspora Messenger News Media

A video of an angry woman beating a man, who many Kenyans allege is her lover, has gone viral on social media. The video has been shared widely on social media platforms, and this comes a day after a video of Congolese musician Koffi Olomide kicking a woman at the JKIA, sparked an outcry, prompting […] READ MORE

Jubilee Mole..? Robert Alai Was Invited to State House and Kenyans Have Started Talking

27th July 2016   |  Nairobi Wire

Controversial blogger and consistent Jubilee critic Robert Alai was invited to State House yesterday. Alai was part of a panel at the State House Energy Summit where members of the public, stakeholders, heads of energy parastatals as well as the Energy Cabinet Secretary interacted on the latest happenings in the energy sector. It was a surprise to... READ MORE

Moi’s grandson charged with stealing phones

27th July 2016   |  Diaspora Messenger News Media

A grandson of former President Daniel arap Moi, Collins Toroitich Moi, has been charged in a Nakuru court with stealing two mobile phones belonging to his daughter and her friend. On Wednesday, Mr Moi appeared before chief magistrate David Kemei and denied the charge that he stole the two phones belonging to his daughter May […] READ MORE

Kenya Overtakes South Africa as Biggest Investor in African Countries

28th July 2016   |  Mwakilishi.com - Articles RSS

Kenya Overtakes South Africa as Biggest Investor in African Countries mwakilishi Thu, 07/28/2016 - 16:39 READ MORE


27th July 2016   |  Diaspora Messenger News Media

Party girl Vanessa Cheruto will appear in court on Friday to answer to assault charges. The Nairobi Diaries actress was arrested on Tuesday afternoon at her house in Muthangari for allegedly engaging in a physical fight with fellow actress and fiancée of rapper Prezzo, Michelle Oyola on Monday. Dagoretti OCPD Rashid Hubale confirmed the arrest […] READ MORE

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