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Houston Rockets lost!

by 90shoes  (1 replies)

Houston Rockets lost to the Portland Trail Blazers! Harden really sucks!

I got it all but still single? Authored by Nelly Gatonye

by NellyG  (3 replies)

As a young girl l always had a strong desire to be found by a husband and so did my friends. Though we didn't discuss it in mixed company, we talked about it a lot. Contrary to what some girls would have you believe of them, it was probably the subject we thought and talked about most. Back when we...

Tips on How to Find a wife or be Found by your Husband

by NellyG  (3 replies)

Resist the counterfeits. A few bad habits can sabotage a relationship, yet single women seem to miss this. Some hang out with a "buddy," content with mere friendship, never daring to require him to state his intentions. Others have pre-marital sex and don't understand why their "partner" has no...

PayPal Withdraw service: Remittance option for Kenyans in The diaspora?

by Just Mbugua  (5 replies)

Has anyone in the Diaspora tried using PayPal Withdraw service to deposit in their Equity Bank account? It is catching on for E-Commerce as it allows one to withdraw PayPal funds to their account, but has it being considered as a remittance channel?

Love is sweet

by Lily Awuor  (2 replies)

hello how are you

The Best Kenyan Blogs

NEW YORK TIMES: Why Obama boycotted Aunt’s Zeituni’s funeral in Boston

BOSTON — After Zeituni Onyango, the woman President Obama once called Auntie, died in a South Boston nursing home this month, her closest relatives gathered her belongings at her nearby apartment. There, framed photographs of her with the president covered the wall. Weeping before a polished wood coffin at her wake this past Saturday, they...

Kenya Today 

FURIOUS Kalonzo blasts Kikuyu journalist

A heavily jubilee leaning journalist has been ‘dissed’ by former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka during the just concluded CORD press briefing.  Several sources have confirmed to this writer that Kalonzo demanded to know the ‘name’ of the journalist after which he told him off. Here is the conversation as translated: Reporter: Has the opposition...

Kenya Today 

Crazy World: Three lesbians married each other

The first threesome wedding whereby three lesbians married each other and this was the happiest day of their lives In July Doll, Kitten and Brynn Young are expecting their first child and they are are the world’s only wedded female threesome. In August the father of each bride walked their daughters down the aisle, it […] The post Crazy World:...

Nairobi Exposed 

Kalonzo Musyoka abuses Mureithi a journalist ???

Kenyans on social media are not happy with the remarks that former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka towards Mureithi a journalist after he asked him a question, Kenyans find Kalonzo as a tribal man On Thursday former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka refused to answer a quetion that a journalist asked him. He first asked the journalist’s […] The post...

Nairobi Exposed 

What To Look For When Buying an Abstract Painting

Every item you use in your home for decorating is a valuable investment. This includes the furnishings both soft and hard, accessories and treatments for the wall, floor and ceilings. It even extends to the exterior as long as it is used to improve the appearance of the home. Paintings do fall squarely as an investment and it is critical to know...

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