URP MP Alfred Keter Threaten and Insult Gilgil Weighbridge Staff for Refusing Corruption

24th January 2015   |  Kahawa Tungu

Nandi Hills MP Hon Alfred Kiptoo Keter stormed the Gilgil weigh-bridge yesterday demanding that the KENHA, SGS (contracted to man the bridge) and Kenya police workers who were manning the weigh-bridge to release a trailer which didn’t have authorisation to move on the road. The trailers which are supposed to seek authorisation from KeNHA didn’t hav... READ MORE


23rd January 2015   |  Heka Heka

  0 SHARES Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Indian Romnatic, Sarika Patel and her Bukusu Darling have broken up. The romantic story of an girl from a wealthy Indian family who got married to a Bukusu ‘sufferer’ caused a furore on Kenyan social media when they got married against Sarika’s parents’ wishes. When the story broke out, the couple recei... READ MORE

From Daddy Owen To Willy Paul, Kenya’s Gospel Superstars Open Up About Rose Muhando Abortion Rumours

23rd January 2015   |  Mpasho News

The Rose Muhando story has completely shaken the gospel fraternity up. Then again, I will never understand why we as human beings put other human beings on pedestals. Human is to err... Then again we did not all go to the same schools so some of these quotes are lost on us. Anyway, away from all the judging, I sought to find out what our own gospel... READ MORE

Mpasho Investigates Part 2: My Experience As An Undercover Prostitute In Nairobi Brothels

22nd January 2015   |  Mpasho News

Though prostitution is not legal in Kenya, the law is rarely enforced and it still takes place even in broad daylight. Brothels in Nairobi operate pretty much like any small business. Visitors select from a line-up of women in heavy make-up and scanty clothing, they negotiate a price and pay a for room. In the first part of this series we showed yo... READ MORE

Forget Mike Sonko, Here’s Another MP Who’s Got Killer Swag [Photos]

23rd January 2015   |  Mpasho News

George Theuri is famously known for having managed to be an MP after doing a score of casual works, including selling mitumba. The MP, who schooled in Parklands High School is a lover of casual looks and is stealing the show. The guy once had a stall in Umoja where he was in constant trouble as the police were on constant prawl. When he and his col... READ MORE

STATEHOUSE celebrates as URP’s Hon Alfred Keter FALLs for MAFIA trap, to be PROSECUTED Alan Wadi-style

25th January 2015   |  Kenya Today

Police have started a man hunt for URP MP Alfred Keter in connection with threatening weighbridge officials at Gilgil terminal. At the same time, State house has distanced itself from allegations that it was called by the MP to intervene after a trailer belonging to another URP MP was detained by the police at the weighbridge. “The use of @StateHou... READ MORE


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