LUO PORN? 8 Teenage Girls Arrested Taking Nude Photos At A Public Park In Kisumu (Photo)

2nd May 2016   |  Mpasho News

Police in Kisumu are holding eight teenage girls and a man who were found taking nude photos in a public park.Mpasho Investigates: The Kenyan Porn Industry |PART 1 OF 4The teenagers, aged between 14 and 17 had become a nuisance at Victoria Park, prompting the public to alert the police, who took them to Central Police Station.The secondary school g... READ MORE

Ramba Ingare: DNG Caught On Camera Simulating Oral Sex With Unknown Woman (PHOTOS)

3rd May 2016   |  Mpasho News

Dancing is fun. Especially daggering!And it would seem I am not alone in my sentiments. But personally, I am more the “actual” dancing type of guy, not the “let us simulate sex in public” type. Just kidding! And I am in good company with DNG! You see, I came across some photos of Davidson Nguibini  from his show in Kisumu and I must say, he seems t... READ MORE

Top 10 Most Famous Atheists in the World

2nd May 2016   |  Nairobi Wire

The Atheism debate got heated last week when Attorney General Githu Muigai de-registered the Atheists Society of Kenya, following protests from religious leaders. The society had initially been denied registration, but won an appeal and then it was ‘unceremoniously’ de-registered. While this is the first time many Kenyans are hearing of this, it is... READ MORE

SHOCK to Kenyans as EAST AFRICAN Leaders RUN AWAY from Uhuru’s ‘Mega’ Projects, No Raila NO PROJECTS

2nd May 2016   |  Kenya Today

By Onyango Ochieng Jr. Even Burundi has now ditched Kenya for Magufuli’s Tanzania as trade partner for mega Infrastructural projects!!! Uhuru has simply become LEPROUS and Kenya is the new LAZARUS of E.A. What is happening? Museveni ran away, Kagame ran away, Nkurunziza has now VAMOOSED, Ethiopia ran away, and south Sudan is now seeking new friends... READ MORE

DUNIA IMEPASUKA! Meet The Daughter Who Is Marrying Her Father

4th May 2016   |  Mpasho News

No! I do not want to live in this planet anymore!Some of the things I read have me believing we would be better off living on Mars and I for one will sign up to move there today.I came across a story on Facebook, about a lady who was professing her love for her father – seems innocuous enough until you realize she is posting about a romantic type o... READ MORE

14 ‘Fisi Proverbs’ every girl should be wary of

3rd May 2016   |  Nairobi News

The lines have existed since time immemorial but remained largely unwritten. However, finally, thanks to Twitter, we know the tricks men use to get women to bed. Here is the list: 1. When he wants you to put on a looser outfit for easier “access”. Hiyo bra yako imekushika sana nikupatie t-sho ulale nayo ~ mafisi proverb — Palmer (@johnie_palmer) Ap... READ MORE

You can now check the 2017 Diversity Visa program (DV-2017) (Green Card) results

3rd May 2016   |  Jambonewspot

The results of the DV-2017 Entrants are available through the through DV entrance status check website starting at noon (EDT) on Tuesday May 3, 2016. DV-2017 Entrants may enter their confirmation information through the link below to check if they have been selected. https://www.dvlottery.state.gov/ESC/ By using the Entrant Status Check this is the... READ MORE

Mafisi Tibim!!! DNG Spotted With A Lady Grinding On Him

4th May 2016   |  Naibuzz

Number one hype man DNG has clearly moved on from his marriage with his wife Yvette Nungari since he has been spotted with different number of women. The most recent one is this young lady who they were dancing with using some crazy moves. He must be really enjoying this new single boy lifestyle.   The post Mafisi Tibim!!! DNG Spotted With A Lady G... READ MORE

PHOTOS:Church in Kawangware where sinners go through hell

2nd May 2016   |  Diaspora Messenger News Media

Woman beating men:Christians live in perpetual fear of punishment in the afterlife. However, at the Jerusalem Church of Christ in Kawangware, Nairobi, punishment for sinners is instant and painful. The church’s head Mary Sinaida Akatsa pounces on a worshipper like a tigress at the first whiff of “sin”. Anyone who doesn’t toe the line earns […] READ MORE

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