VIDEO : URP MP Alfred Keter in Trouble Over Corruption allegations

25th January 2015   |  Kenyabwala

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Keriako Tobiko has ordered EACC to investigate Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter over storming of Gilgil Weigh-Bridge to demand police release lorries detained for overweight. The detectives will also summon nominated URP MP Sunjeev Kour Birdi who had accompanied the MP to the weighbridge on Saturday night demanding... READ MORE

BUSTED: Hon Alfred Keter THREATENS Gilgil weighbridge officers and POLICE who refused CORRUPTION and INTIMIDATION from STATEHOUSE

25th January 2015   |  Kenya Today

Those who for long admired the bravery and ‘forthrightness’ of the outspoken Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter watch an ammeature captured of him using stale insults while attempting to force a trailer/truck owned by URP nominated MP Sunjeev Kour Birdi (Kenyan of Indian origin) to pass through the Gilgil weighbridge. Apparently, the vehicle had no proper... READ MORE

STATEHOUSE celebrates as URP’s Hon Alfred Keter FALLs for MAFIA trap, to be PROSECUTED Alan Wadi-style

25th January 2015   |  Kenya Today

Police have started a man hunt for URP MP Alfred Keter in connection with threatening weighbridge officials at Gilgil terminal. At the same time, State house has distanced itself from allegations that it was called by the MP to intervene after a trailer belonging to another URP MP was detained by the police at the weighbridge. “The use of @StateHou... READ MORE

Uhuru Kenyatta takes on Keter as MP risks losing seat over insults

25th January 2015   |  Jambonewspot

The political future of Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter is in the balance after President Uhuru Kenyatta backed his prosecution after the legislator was captured on video threatening officials over trucks impounded at the Gilgil weighbridge. In the video, Mr Keter claimed State House Comptroller Lawrence Lenayapa had tried to intervene by calling the o... READ MORE


25th January 2015   |  Heka Heka

  0 SHARES Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Mr Keter, who is the Nandi Hills MP, was filmed threatening and insulting police officers and workers at the Gilgil weighbridge on the Nairobi-Nakuru road. The explosive drama was recorded by one of the officers using a cellphone. Blogger Robert Alai posted the video on YouTube on 24th January ,2015, pr... READ MORE

Who Knew That Alfred Keter Worked With 2 Pac in 1996, Check This Out

26th January 2015   |  Mpasho News

Kenyans are still roasting Nandi Hills member of parliament Alfred Keter after a video of him threatening a Gilgil weighbridge officer over the weekend circulated on social media. “We Break The Laws When We Want” MP Filmed Threatening Gilgil Weighbridge Staff (VIDEO) As everyone seem to be turning their back on Keter, here's something interesting f... READ MORE


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