BREAKING: Laico Regency on fire

19th October 2014   |  krazyinsidekenya

Dark smoke at the hotel Laico Regency Hotel in Nairobi is up in flames, it’s still not clear what caused the fire on the hotel owned by libyan investors who bought it from the government and was formerly known as the Grand Regency hotel and was forcefully taken away from controversial businessman Kamlesh Patni.On fire READ MORE

You Don’t Mess With Kenya, Preacher Pat Robertson Will Never Forget This

20th October 2014   |  Mpasho News

Last week on Friday we reported how American televangelist, Pat Robertson said you can get AIDS from Kenyan towels in this article; 700 Club televangelist Pat Robertson Shows His Racist Side Once Again. This Time He Has Insulted Kenya. As usual, Kenyans on Twitter reaction was expected and they didn’t disappoint. Check them out below.  Brains aren’... READ MORE

Attention Nairobians, These Are The Most Dangerous Parts Of The City! Rape And Murder Are The Order Of The Day!

20th October 2014   |  Mpasho News

Whomever coined the name Nairobbery was not joking. The city has seen an explosion of crime and insecurity that I have never witnessed in my 26 short years on  this earth -20 of which were spent in this very city. The city has seen such unprecedented levels of crime that the presidential limo was carjacked! Recently, a group of security experts sat... READ MORE

Despite the Rioting, Here’s How MCSK Gala Awards Went Down (Pictures)

21st October 2014   |  Mpasho News

There have been controversies surrounding the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), the recent one being this story; Diamond To Be Paid 1.2 Million By MCSK? Find Out The Truth From MCSK’s CEO And yesterday during the ceremony Ringtone Lead Musicians In Protest Against MCSK Anyway, the event went on as planned and we’ve got some photos below. 1 o... READ MORE

This is Where Janet Mbugua’s Wedding Will Take Place

20th October 2014   |  Nairobi Wire

Wedding bells are ringing loud this time being hot Citizen TV news reader Janet Mbugua. I know it will hurt male fans to see her walk down the aisle with someone else. Anyway, it had to happen and there had to be a lucky man to take Janet home. Mr. Eddie Ndichu is the man you need to salute right now for managing to whisk the heart of the screen si... READ MORE

US Televangelist Pat Robertson Apologizes Over 'Towels in Kenya Could Have AIDS' Remark

20th October 2014   |  Mwakilishi.com - Articles RSS

US televangelist Pat Robertson has apologized for comments he made last week on his TV show The 700 Club. Robertson caused a huge uproar among Kenyans after he warned one of his viewers that towels in Kenya could spread AIDS. An anonymous viewer had sent an email to The 700 Club to enquire about the dangers of traveling to Kenya on a mission trip,... READ MORE


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